Everything is an invitation. What’s your RSVP?

I went to yoga yesterday! Hooray! It had been forever since my last session, and it felt good to just stretch and stare at the sky (this class was held outdoors).

As the instructor laid out the structure of the class, she reminded us that every asana (pose) she presents is merely an invitation. In other words, don’t push what your body doesn’t want. Respect your own limits. Do what feels good for you.

It made me think how powerful that concept of invitation is. It creates space to make conscious choices, rather than to be confined to expectations – whether your own or others’.

What if you approached everything during your day as an invitation? Does it change the way you respond?

Getting cut off on the highway is an invitation to practice gratitude and empathy. (You weren’t hurt; maybe they are in an emergency situation.)

Being asked to do something new at work – maybe something you don’t want to do – is an invitation to prove yourself indispensable build a new skill. (Fodder for the resume!)

It goes both ways, too…the things you say present opportunities to others. Being conscious of this can shift things in a more positive and constructive light. Will you invite someone to connect meaningfully with you? To be vulnerable? Or, will you invite someone to give feedback on a project you’re working on? The concrete invitations are just as powerful.

What’s one invitation you can extend today?


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