Your Five Best Qualities, According to You (Part 1)

When the imposter syndrome kicks in (when doesn’t it?!?) it’s important to give yourself a little reality check. Instead of focusing on what you think you aren’t good at or worthy of, remind yourself of the things you totally kick ass at. This is not a difficult exercise; just think of five things you do better than most people.

Keep the list handy and think of it as your superpower list.

For me, it’s:

  1. Absolute dependability. If I commit to something, you can bet I’m gonna follow through.
  2. Clear communication. (I would elaborate, but I don’t need to, so I won’t.)
  3. Effectiveness. I use my time wisely and get shit done.
  4. Strong internal motivation. Competition is kind of lost on me, but that’s because I already want to be perfect all the time. (See site title).
  5. Distillation powers. This one is kind of hard to explain but I’m good at getting to the root of an issue, and seeing the big picture.

So when those nagging doubts creep in (“I’m just not an “ideas” person…”) try following up with one of your superpowers (“…but I am REALLY good at executing”). You might be surprised at how that turn of thought keeps you on the right mental track.

When you’re ready, check out Part 2 of this exercise, in which we’ll explore the superpowers that others see in you.

For now, think about what your superpowers are…tell me about them in the comments!



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