Your Five Best Qualities, According to Others (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about the importance of recognizing your own strengths, and using that to supplant your doubts. The other half of the exercise is to get outside of your own brain and see what others see in you. In other words, how well do you know yourself?

To find out, I individually texted four people who I have worked with in the past, and who I now count as good friends. I asked them:

Can you help by telling me what you see as a unique strength of mine, in the workplace or otherwise? (Nothing like fishing for compliments, but it’s in service of an idea I’m developing.)

The results were interesting. I learned that I am good at:

  • Seeing things clearly; solution oriented
  • Getting shit done, clear and engaging writer, practical, pop culture savvy, quick and intelligent thinker, not a bullshitter, incisive
  • Being resilient, resourceful, with a strong sense of self which [I] carry about confidently which is very refreshing, quirky/whimsical style, have very clear parameters, very hard working, independent, and somewhat mysterious.
  • Quickly seeing right to the essence of a situation, interaction, or idea and are then able to share insight through competently and compellingly articulated observations

Lots of it aligned with what I identified in myself (insight, action, communication), but there were some things that took me by surprise. I now know I’m also resilient, straightforward, and independent. Not just that I am those things, but that they are hallmarks of who I am – they are things that shine through enough for other people to recognize.

That also means I have a few more traits to consciously rely on when the imposter syndrome creeps in. Which is, you know, ongoing.

I’d love it if you tried this experiment, too – let me know what you find out about yourself!


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