Good news begets good news!

One of the things that really kicked me into gear with starting this blog is the Brass Ring Daily email, written by Kara Cutruzulla.  I really recommend subscribing to her list. Not only are Kara’s missives insightful and uplifting, with none of the woo-woo of other motivational types, but they are delightfully short. Usually no more than a few paragraphs, she presents you with a thought or idea and then leaves it to you to chew on.

Kara’s emails made me realize something that I had already sorta known, which is that you don’t have to be long winded to be effective. But, it turns out, I needed for her to show that to me. That’s what made me decide to establish this site!

So when she asked for good news from her readers, I shared this with her:

Inspired by YOU, I started a blog to remind myself (and others, if that’s their jam) that I don’t have to be such a damn overachiever all the time! 

In addition to writing a lovely note back to me, she included that blurb in a roundup of other responses in a subsequent email. Check out what happened to my site traffic:

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 2.42.08 PM

Can you guess which day she linked to this site? Yep, May 11.

My point with all this is, that good news begets good news. Don’t be afraid to ask for it or give it!

Have a great weekend.


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