Are You Able to Forget?

I just got back from a few weeks away on vacation. I went to amazing places, did fun things, ate good food. And I forgot all about work.


I had intended to use the time to process, to think about my goals, to evaluate whether my job is still the right fit for me. But…other things got in the way. I was too busy having fun! Before I knew it, the two weeks were over and I didn’t have a single revelation to show for it.

And then I got on the airplane to come back home. Sitting in seat 35F, I pulled out my notebook and started to write. I found that although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I actually had processed some things while I was out having adventures. The ideas and clarity actually were waiting for me. All I had to do was put pen to paper and there they were.

It makes me think that simply putting things aside is just as worthwhile as giving them studied attention.

Have you found that forgetting is a good way to see things in a new light? Let me know!

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